Quest for Glory 4 1-2: So You Thought You Were a Hero

Adventure 2001 Dos Dosbox Third Person Humorous

Unconvincing role play and adventure hybrid

This game plays mostly as an adventure, but your character, Devon Aidendale, also has stats that can be improved as you advance through the game. The game follows the incidents that took place within the earlier Quest for Glory games, mostly following Quest for Glory: So You Want to Be a Hero.The game is set in a hand drawn world, with extremely pretty graphics. The game was released in 2001, so you can expect a far better graphic representation of the world. However, there is a bit of a clash between the game world, which looks as if inspired by a tale, and many of the characters in the world which look very much out of context at times.The voice actors are also not doing the best job possible, and the casting is again out of place. Adding insult to injury, the puzzles are scarce and either too simple or just impossible, since they lack any reasonable and logical way to complete them. Overall, the game is just too little too late. By 2001 there were already adventure games that revolutionized story telling in the genre such as The Longest Journey and also RPGs that created 3D world of infinite beauty such as the extraordinarily Gothic RPG. So, the premise that this game was innovative or that it brought something new to the genre falls flat, while the graphics, while nice, are anywhere but enough to justify playing this game. Mind you, this is not a bad game, but the period was rife with games that were far better and far more mature than this one. Play it only if you want to follow up on the Quest for Glory Series, of which it is one of the lesser games for sure.

Quest for glory 4 and a half

Dude didn't even know this existed. I'm a big fan of this series. I played 1-3 4 but stopped cause no internet access to get patches for bugs, and 5. But never played this one would definitely like to if at all possible . But what to do about 3.5 drive issue obviously no one has 3.5 drives nowadays. Definitely looks totally awesome dude for sure.

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