Udoiana Raunes 3 - In Search for Indiana Jones IV

Adventure 2005 Windows Third Person

Bizarre but enjoyable Indy Jones tribute

This bizarre fan-made take on Lucasarts' Indiana Jones adventures is a hugely enjoyable homage that deserves to be played by followers of the company's classics like Sam & Max and Monkey Island. This one stars a highly familiar looking professor who must embark on an epic quest to locate the legendary script for Indiana Jones IV (this was obviously made before the film was actually released) and which requires him to bring together Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas to see it through to production. This globe-spanning adventure takes in such mysterious locations as Skywalker Ranch, Ford's Wyoming home and many other exotic and dangerous environments, all of which are packed with danger, thrills and intrigue. The game plays out like the official Lucasarts games, with a point-and-click interface where you click on a list of verbs plus an object from your inventory in order to interact with the environments and solve the numerous puzzles that bar your way. There are some great characters to interact with along the way, while the puzzles themselves are equally enjoyable and inventive and really this is a fun adventure that doesn't take itself too seriously. The visuals lend the game a strong atmosphere and the writing, although occasionally suffering from some awkward translations, is witty and amusing, if not exactly sophisticated. If you've ever played a Lucasarts adventure, then you'll appreciate this game more than a newcomer, but even for noobs there is much to enjoy here and it deserves to be checked out.

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