Cirque de Zale

Adventure 2004 Windows Third Person Humorous

Be a circus worker banished to a nether land

Circus work has its disadvantages, and not only for those doing the more dangerous work of taming wild animals or for those that happen to mount the trapeze or some other circus contraption. Nope, even a regular worker, tasked with menial work can aggravate, for instance, a magician, and get banished to another world. But, using the skills you've acquired while with the circus you'll be able to make the best of the situation and get out of that strange world in no time! That is the premise of the game, a classic adventure made by a one man studio, produced with the help of the mighty AGS production suite, and dressed in classic adventure clothes, as well as controlled via mouse and command prompts, like in the good old days of Monkey Island. Therefore, even if minimalist, relatively low on detail, but, nevertheless, pretty passionately done, Cirque de Zale is a game you will run through in a very short amount of time. Yes, it's a short but sweet adventure game, well suited for those moments of respire when you have about one hour or so to spend on it. So, definitely try it – it's well done and oozes passion from every pore!

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