Outlaw 97

Action 1994 Dos Sandbird Software Arcade style

Duel game: shoot your opponents before they get the chance!

In Outlaw 97 you play a Wild West outlaw, who's only task is to revolver duel his opponents into oblivion! Yes, shoot first, shoot more accurately than your opponents, and keep doing it. The life of a wanted man is not easy but it sure is a choice for some. But yeah, the game knows that the offer it gives you can only work so many times, and so, it limits your number of encounters to 10 per reprise. Therefore, this could be said to be a great 5 minute break kind of game, where you don't need to expend more time into it than that. Fortunately, when you decide to go back at it, the game offers you 8 characters to impersonate, each with a different look and also with a quirk to battle. So, you'll have a ninja, a commando, a businessman, a president and a magician. So yeah, that is how it works, and if that is what you want to be looking into, try it. I'd say play Wild West World for a more diverse experience with that same spirit of the lone ranger looking to stir some trouble! But, ultimately, this isn't as long lived as it should be, unfortunately.

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