Mass Destruction

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox BMG Interactive Isometric Arcade style

Mindless but fun blasting action

If all you are looking for is a simple, all action, no-holds-barred piece of shooter fun, then Mass Destruction delivers in spades, with a title that sums things up pretty well. It takes a third-person perspective, places players in the driving seat of a tank and tasks them with, well, just blowing everything up. It really is as straightforward as that, but the game is no less enjoyable for that fact. A choice of tanks is available, each with variations on their speed, and the strength of their weapons and armour. Mission objectives add in a little more depth to proceedings, and give the player something to think about, even if it isn't that much in truth. Mass Destruction really is very accessible, and players will be able to pick it up swiftly so they can just get on and enjoy the blasting action. The tanks' movement and handling are fairly unrealistic, but are fast and fluid which makes for a more enjoyable game. Visually, the game is simple but effective, with a neat range of environments to explore and destroy and the explosions and gunfire are suitably meaty and over-the-top. This is definitely not a game for gamers looking for depth and strategy, but if all you want is pure, old-fashioned action, then Mass Destruction is for you.

Blow up everything in sight!

This game has all that a cool action game should have - non stop brainless action, a bunch of loud and big explosions, adrenaline and fun. This is one of the games that I call "Shoot everything in sight" games, like Seek and Destroy (with helicopters) is or Return Fire (again, helicopters). Over the next 24 levels, you will be controlling a tank, drive over a battlefield and blow things up. While it seems totally without objective, each level has certain tactical objectives. I am amazed by how smooth and dynamic the game plays and how easy it is to control the tank. The game takes almost no adjusting to play, but as for difficulty, the game offers quite a challenge even for the best of players. The explosions look and sound really great and authentic, and the music and sound effects are very good also. The terrain vary from deserts to jungles to towns. If you're for games that need almost no use of gray cells, if you like action and explosions, go ahead and give this game a try.

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