Wild West World

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Gold Rush era strategy game

This is not your usual unit wielding tactics strategy game. This is the kind of game that stashes its interactive array of options in a number of screens, and the options in each of them has an outcome that is interlinked in another. Therefore, rather than be a sprawling strategy, this is more of a compact, rather mathematical simulation of interactions and options that were available to a gold digger of the period. You can choose sites to prospect, you can choose areas to mine and you can make your way through towns, that allow you to sell your goods and to acquire your amenities. Therefore, the game feels more like an experimental proof of concept than a fully realized, fun accomplishment. And unfortunately, the fun element is rather lacking in Wild West World, unless of course, you don't mind the rather archaic manner in which your gameplay is built. There simply isn't any feeling of immediacy, of there, of being immersed in the simulation, and so, you'll rather feel cheat by the time you get to understand the principles that the game is built on top of. I can't say that it's not a functional simulation, but it's a soulless one nevertheless.

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