Heavy Barrel

Arcade 1989 Dos Dosbox Data East Shooter Military

Shoot and explode the monsters

Heavy Barrel is a typical top down shooting game which features responsive controls and numerous enemies that can be picked up easily. It is quite similar to Guerrilla War which was the earlier pursuit of the same developer. The graphics are quite standard but the game-play options are exciting. To kill your enemies, not only you can shoot them up but you also have bombs to toast them to hell. The distinctive feature between Guerrilla war and this game is that you have upgrade options for bombs. You have blue and red bombs which have their varied power. Some of the features of the Guerrilla version are missing in this one but the option to play with friends is still on. The game play is simple and easy with animations that are easy to make out. One drawback is that the game is not lengthy and can be finished easily but is a good exciting short encounter. Many would say that it has not lived up to the standards of Guerrilla War but is still fascinating enough for being a shooting and bashing game.

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