Tank Wars 3.0

Arcade 1990 Dos Dosbox Kenny Morse Shooter Challenges Puzzle based

Another Tank War game

Tank Wars 3.0 is just another tank war game like Tank Wars and Scorched Earth, this one released in 1990. If you comare them, you will see that they are almost entirely the same. The gameplay is the same as in the two before mentioned - you and your friends control little tanks and try to destory the rest,until you are the last tank standing. You chose your tank, weapons to use in this battle, set the trajectory angle, shooting power for the tank and fire. The weapon range is very big with both defensive and offensive choices. The layout and color of the terrain is also identical to the older tank war games, only the sky is not night dark, but bright and colorful. The sounds are high frequency midi blips and other sounds when the tanks are firing or hitting the target. Sadly, even though this game is a few years older than its predecessors, this game is virtually unchanged, and even worse than those before, if I dare say. One would expect some improvement in graphics or sound but the graphics are exactly the same and the sound is even worse. The game is ok, I guess, I'm just dissapointed that, after 5 years since the first Tank war game came up, there is absolutely no change or improvement.

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