Paperboy 2

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Mindscape Isometric Side scrolling

Bring the papers to the people!

In Paperboy 2 you will play a paper boy, a bicycle wielding individual that has to take the papers to where they are needed, and try to memorize as well as possible which houses you need to give papers to and which you can skip. At the end of a regular set of levels, which are set from a sort of skewered point of view, you will find that another thing you need to do is survive these short stages, where the ground has holes in it, and where you have to take jumps to survive. The game, as Paperboy the first, can be a bit difficult, as you need to memorize the houses that you have to give papers to, while avoiding giving papers to the rest. Also, just moving about with your bicycle can be quite daunting, mostly because the game throws dogs, kids and other things at you that need to be avoided. Also, throwing your paper to the houses can be hard, as you have a very short window of time when the paper will land exactly where it needs to. So, overall, Paperboy 2 is surely worth it, hard as it may be.

Are you sure paper delivery is such an easy job?

So, this is a kind of a spooky version of the original Paperboy - a nice move, I might add! The differences from the original are pretty large: except from Paper-boy, girl and girl-wanabes can opt for a very cute looking Paper-Girl. The gameplay is still the same - deliver papers to every house in the neighborhood - but the threats are now far more dangerous and far more peculiar. Not only do the houses look more like medieval castles, your enemies and dangers now include ghosts! There are still some of the old menaces - such as workmen and skaters that are miling around and getting in your way, but the atmoshpere has definitely turned to get a bit spookier. The gameplay is as addictive as ever, so don't let yourself get lost in time and forget about the important daily chores! The graphics ,while still a bit outdated, are a lot better than before and are a pleasant view to the eye. Delivering papers has never been a more dangerous and life-threatening activity until now. Do you think you can do it?

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