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A classic era of gaming

Paperboy, if you have not yet played this game on any of the many ports it came out on, you are missing out on my childhood. If you have not even heard of this game, you are probably missing out on a whole generation of popular video gaming history. Paperboy was originally released on the arcade by Atari, but has since been ported to so many different home consoles and hand held consoles, including DOS PC, NES, Sega Master System, Nintendo Gameboy, Sega Game Gear, Commodore 64 just to name a few. The game has very simplistic storyline, that I will describe like this: if ever you can imagine an over protective mothers worst fears about her child getting a paper route all coming true. Everything in the game is trying to kill you, the cars, people, storm drains, fire hydrants, break dancers, cats, remote control cars even the grim reaper. A pretty ordinary day for a paperboy. You cannot brake either in this game, you can sort of slow down but there are no brakes, which makes the game constantly action packed. The objective of the game, is simply to deliver (by that I mean throw) newspapers to the subscribers houses without damaging their property, ideally land the newspaper on the customers lawn or front door step which the game rewards you bonus points. The hilarious part of the game is you actually get more points for damaging (vandalizing) non-subscribers houses, in later stages the angry home owners actually run out after you. At the end of each round you must go through a stunt track similar in style to California Games. Paperboy also spawned a sequel Paperboy 2 also released on various ports including the PC, NES, Sega Master System etc. I would highly recommend giving Paperboy a go if you missed out on this era of gaming.

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