Cloud Kingdoms

Arcade 1990 Dos Millennium Interactive Side scrolling Puzzle based

Pretty ordinary plot but good gameplay

This classic puzzle and arcade game is a big underdog which is highly underrated. The plot which is quite stupid might have caused its downfall but the game is very good and addictive. The plot is that terry is an eight way scrolling little rubber ball who scrolls around the kingdom looking at all the crystals that are there. A fiend one day decides to steal all those crystals and terry getting upset sets on a journey to bring them back. Well it is quite stupid but the gameplay is very addictive. There are about 16 levels which are very distinctly designed without any repetitions and contain a variety of obstacles in the form of puzzles and insects which can suck your energy. Every level has something new lined up and gets tougher and tougher because of the very strict time limits. The levels in the game are different kingdoms where they are different obstacles that lead to the crystals. It is a cute looking game which has some very good controls along with a well-designed interface. The scrolling is as smooth as I can get and the variety in the game is like I saw with The Simpsons.

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