Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Atreid Concept SA Third Person Flight shooter

Sidescroller minigame of paragliding/parachuting

The only other parachuting experience that I've had in a 2D early days game was the one that as available in the California Games 2nd bundle. However, while that minigame received only so much attention and was only so detailed, in Paragliding this is the only gameplay mechanic that is simulated. At any rate, what you get is a game that really puts a lot of effort in creating a sidescroller 2D game out of paragliding. The result is still quite very arcadey, but, nonetheless, it is sufficiently intricate to offer you a very intense experience. So, what you will be doing is base jumping, avoiding crashing your paraglide, making sure you reach your landing stip. If there was ever a flight game that was all about Zen mastery, this sure has got to be the one. Riding the currents of air, as they are depicted, slightly in the game, is beautiful. Now, I haven't flown a paraglider, ever, but this game really, through the use of its well balanced and smooth controls, makes you feel like you're in charge. So, a beautiful, minimalist, kind of 8bit styled, but very promising, without question, very easy to sink into.

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