California Games 2

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A really enjoyable sports game

California Games 2, is the lesser known continuation and sequel of the original video game "California Games" by Epyx that was ported to many consoles such as the Sega Master System and for computer on the Amiga and MS-DOS PC. The game consisted of several summer beach games called California Games. Everyone loved this game as it was a set of mini games on the one cartridge and everyone had their own "sports event" that they excelled at. California Games 2 simply features new levels and an attempt at making some of the mini games 3D, so the game feels a little bit like a bonus level expansion pack. The events include: hang gliding, skateboarding (same as the last game, except this time in a 3D tunnel), body surfing (like regular surfing), jet ski and snowboarding. The objective is the usual arcade style point system like Pac-Man, the objective being to try to get as many high points in each round or "event". It is a lot of fun when you get a few friends together to play a complete tournament. The game also unusually features some animated violence, which is what differs it from the last game. However, the games are a lot more glitchy, which is probably what made the game less popular than its' predecessor. Still an all around an enjoyable game, especially with multiplayer (the limit to multiplayer is 7 people and you take turns playing each round). But for a sports game, they actually made it really enjoyable for everyone to play.

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