PC Arcadians

Arcade 2002 Windows The Admiral Vertical shooter Aliens invasion

Invaders by any other name...!

PC Arcadians is an arcade shooter title, very similar to Invaders, or Galaxian; it's like a similar era upgrade; it's got more just a tad better graphics and it generally keeps to the same gameplay ideas. That means that in the game you get a very satisfying and well presented build, in the style of the original. It's still as jaggedly as ever, which means that those that love classic looking games, will have a good time with this one too. Also, what I really loved was the sound that accompanies the game; it's retro beep heavy soundtrack, with pew-pew sounds that are really entertaining and that transport you back in time. Yep, this is a retro game, definitely keeping the graphics to an early 90s build, while the game is actually produced in 2002. That said, you'll love that in can play on modern OSes, while staying true to its old gameplay roots. Plus, it's got a few surprising boss fights that will keep you entertained for minutes on end. So, when Galaxian season is overdue, PC Arcadians is definitely a great remix of that lovely arcade game.

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