Cash Invaders

Arcade 2002 Dos Dosbox BdR Vertical shooter Aliens invasion

Too much money! Must destroy them!

Cash Invaders is a tongue in cheek recreation of the old classic Space Invaders, a game that is all about shooting the 2D invaders and having them all splattered before they could reach you, or the Earth. All in all, Cash Invaders is pretty fun to play, well rounded, yet still very classic; the bills come from above, at increasing speeds, the fewer they are. They are all shades of green, and they too shoot back at you. You thus have to move your turret around, and try not to get hit, while at the same time, you have to make sure that the enemies are destroyed in a fast manner. Other than that the game has no other additional elements, so, for all intents and purposes it's just Space Invaders invaders. Thus, it can be a great fun game to have at parties, for those 5 minutes when someone wants to cleanse his palate with a bit of gaming. Also, what Cash Invaders does great is offer you that humorous perspective it does, without altering the gameplay of the original almost at all.

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