PC Futbol

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Dinamic Multimedia Soccer Team management

Fully fledged soccer manager; budget oriented but fun

PC Futbol is definitely a budget oriented soccer management game, but even in spite of that it looks great, it is very much feature complete and it has loads of options; you can buy and sell players, you can train them individually o in batches, you have to advertise/manage the press, you have to decide what sort of price tickets you put out there, and much more; all in all, the club activities are the ones that are a staple of a real club, and thus, your gameplay sessions will feel really intense. Graphics wise, however, while the game looks alright, you can see that polish is lacking. It looks like a Windows application from the Win 98 era, with the addition of a graphical layout of additional colors and so on. But it's playable and the menus and the colors look good enough, so with that in mind, the game is just as cool and alright as it needs to be. Also, PC Futbol, compared to the Championship Manager series offers you a greater database of players that can be updated substantially, but the game as is, has loads of Spanish teams, from their natinal league.

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