Peter Schmeichel Soccer Manager

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Primitive and cartoonish soccer management game

Peter Schmeichel Soccer Manager is a pretty unfortunate soccer game, one that won't offer you the ability to actually get things done as you want to, more like a caricature of what a proper soccer game should be like. Thus, it will just aggravate you, because both graphically as well as design wise, gameplay wise, it seems really badly produced. Now, indeed, classic soccer game management ideas are included: you can buy and sell players, set training parameters for them and, also, you can pretty much choose what your relationship with the in-game press will be like. But all these don't seem to be attached in significant ways to your game, to the way the games, individually fare... Also, the quality of the menus, graphics and other interactive elements is pretty poor, which just adds injury to an already big insult! Nope, download Ultimate Soccer Manager 98, a great game from many points of view, thoroughly entertaining and very easy to play. So give it a try instead of playing Peter Schmeichel Soccer Manager, a game that can only disappoint!

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