Pc Futbol 2

Sport 1994 Dos Dinamic Multimedia Soccer Team management

The game that put the PC Futbol on the field!

PC Futbol the first was an alright budget oriented soccer management game, well done enough for a budget title, but one that carried its cheap build around not too nicely. Well, with this second title a lot has been polished, rehashed and remade to be much more playable and loads more fun. Thus, Pc Futbol 2 is still relatively cheap, but, here's the thing; the game runs more fluently, the menus look and are organized better and the control you have over your team's results feels much more like it's got something to do with you, rather than just be decided randomly. Therefore, Pc Futbol 2 is a much better choice, as it plays a while lot better and it's overall more mature. There are loads of temas to play with, from the Spanish national league. So, the idea is that you'll only be able to deal with such teams. But then again, it plays well, and you can create your own teams if you want, or choose from the ones already included. Sure, PC Futbal 3 will go on to include 3D graphics, but if you're not into that, Pc Futbol 2 plays just as well an is a great soccer manager for the mid 90s soccer management enthusiasts.

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