Elite Heli Squad

Simulation 2005 Windows Denda Multimedia Shooter Helicopter Action

Chop chop!

Anyone looking for a simple but mildly diverting little shooter to while away a couple of hours might just get some enjoyment out of this basic arcade-style experience. It's not a particularly deep or varied game so if that's what you're after you might want to go for Incoming or Descent but for some basic simple thrills, it just about does the job. There's no real story on offer here and instead you're simply given the choice of two different helicopters and then charged with flying around blowing stuff up. The two choppers do feel quite different from one another, one being fast but weak and the other slow but more powerful so this at least gives the game some mild replay value. The overall goal of the game is simply to rack up as many points as possible and this is achieved by flying around the open levels, taking out the bad guys as you go. There's a range of enemies, including fighter and bombers, with bombers being the most difficult to destroy as they require homing missiles. There's not much else to the game to be honest so don't go in expecting a lot of variety or tactical depth. However, for a straightforward action shooter that exercises your trigger finger and little else, this does the job. The controls are nice and responsive as well as easy to pick up while the action comes at you fast and furious, being relentless and exciting. The visuals are nothing to write home about but do the job well enough and overall, this is a serviceable shooter but not one that will linger in the memory.

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