Sherman M4

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Tank sim Shooter

Tank sim, superbly for its time of release

How would you like to see a 3D model of your tank of choice that is made up of no more than 10 or so facets/vertexes? Well, that's pretty much what this game is up for simulation, a graphical feat that is nonetheless great for its very early release in 1989. So, once you get in the game, as I just said you'll have to take a decision in regard to the tank you'll want to pilot. You'd better pick based on the stats rather than on the 3D looks of the tanks, if you really want to stand a chance on the battlefield, as each tank has its positive and negative sides. After that you're teleported inside the tank, where you control your direction and s peed as well as your turret. Spotting your enemies early and shooting them is the best way to go, but, the faster you are moving, the harder it will be to get a clear shot of the target, so make sure you try to take the right approach in regard to how you manage your target acquisition. If you're successful in your mission you can go on to another scenario, otherwise you can reload the current scenario simple, straightforward, nicely executed for 89 and surely worth a go for fans of tank simulations of yore. Alternatively, see Abrams Battle Tank for similar gameplay but focused solely on the British Abrams tanks.

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