Peach the Lobster

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox A-J Games Platformer 3D

Claw-fully good platforming fun!

In the world of videogaming, lobsters and crabs are more likely to turn up as enemies or obstructions than heroes so if nothing else, Peach the Lobster earns some points for giving these underappreciated crustaceans a starring role. Fortunately however, despite its relative lack of originality, the game also has more to recommend it than simply an unusual hero and for fans of James Pond, Robocod (two other classic games starring nautical protagonists) and even good old Sonic, it's actually an entertaining enough platformer. The storyline is the usual good versus evil stuff, with Fang Duck and his duck minions invading the peaceful land of Norumbega in their quest to expand their empire. Of course, the leaders of Norumbega send forth a hero to stop this foul invasion, which is where Peach and the player come in. As in other platformers like Mario and Jazz Jackrabbit, it's up to you to explore a series of colourful, cartoon-style worlds, bouncing, sliding, running and ducking as you go, while also making inventive use of your claw gun to take out the bad guys and reveal the myriad secrets which lie hidden around you. Four distinct areas are waiting to be ventured through, including the Grasslands, Caves, and the Techno-Castle, home to Fang Duck himself, and fortunately all these levels are well designed, with lovely sprite work and colours that just leap of the screen. The gameplay, while not exactly original, is enjoyable enough, thanks to the well designed levels and tight controls, which make exploring both fun and compelling. If you love your platformers and are looking for an unknown gem, then root for the underdog and check out Peach the Lobster.

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