Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko

Action 1997 Windows Eidos Platformer 3D

3D platformer in the sweet 64 bit style

Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko is a really sweet and nice 3D, third person platformer featuring a really interesting protagonist, a gecko named Gex, who will run about as you want him too, through green worlds, interior maze like spaces, though all sort of different and cool environments. It's both a children's game (as it sure isn't too difficult) and at the same time it is a game for those that can get behind a light hearted action gam. It's colorful, it's easy to control, quite alright in terms of total content, and it never gives you no reasons to be frustrated. It also isn't too difficult, but, like I said, it's mostly a children's game, though I'm sure that more mature players will be able to fall in love with it just as well. So, ultimately, with Gex 3D: Enter the Gecko, you get a great family friendly platformer, not the smartest or most original out there, but one that is totally lovable and that everyone can play without much fuss. Also, if you love the character, the 2D platformer with the same protagonist, Gex, can be just as enticing a game for a lazy Saturday or Sunday!

Gex is back, in 3D!

Gex is well known to be the poster boy for the 3DO console, on which he made his debut. Gex: Enter the Gecko is the sequel to the 1994 game Gex and features 3D graphics and environments. This game has proven to be a decent game for me, offering busy hours of gameplay, stunning visuals and of course, humor. The story of the game is quite funny, but it's really well done. You play as Gex, a gecko, who is just sitting at home watching TV. One day, the TV suddenly went blank and started flashing a familiar face over and over again. We soon learn the face was that of Rez. The next thing Gex remembers is that he wakes up in an interogation room with two government agents. They ask for his help and in change they would offer him a suitcase full of money. Of course, Gex accepts the offers and the adventure begins. The gameplay is simple: explore, attack and collect remote controls in order to progress.

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