James Pond 2 - Codename Robocod

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Millennium Interactive Cartoon Robots Platformer

Top down and sidescroller Inspector Gadget like!

A truly dastardly Dr. Maybe has found a life of crime in stealing toys, and, because there is surely no bigger crime than this one, the mighty and fearless James Pond has got to stop him. Thus, a sidescroller adventure of cartoonish might ensues. The game contains a lot of diverse sidescroller staples, from the classic and well produced run and jump to a lot of other puzzles and other such ideas. The colorful sidescroller is also pretty well produced in terms of how it puts things that are all about Super Mario like exploration, and there are a few other ideas where you have to pilot a pane or sniper rifle enemies from a distance. There are also lots of coins to collect, and a few other areas where the classic sidescroller game is turned on its head and transformed into something a lot different. So, overall, James Pond 2 has a lot of diversity and a lot of beautiful areas to play through. Have it in your collection and also download James Pond the first, which is almost as good as this one.

You are Pond, James Pond

A very original pun of the James Bond series, James Pond is a very cute and funny Super Mario like platform game that involves a lot of hopping and popping around a colorful and cartoonish world. You play Pond, a secret agent that happens to be a goldfish on an adventure to destroy a madman with evil intentions. The plot follows the original James Pond right where it left off. Pond's greatest enemy, Dr. Maybe has gone to the North Pole and kidnapped Santa and his helpers and made some of them into his own assistants and Pond has to go there and save the day. The game is extremely fun and has very original and cute ideas, like playing a level in a reverse angle. The animation is great and the cute music is perfect for the goofy ambient. The game looks hilarious and is full of goofy and cartoonish features that will make the game all the more lovable. This game is a must for all platform lovers and will guarantee hours of hilarious and adventurous fun.

A mock of James Bond

This game is well worth the play, originally made for the Amiga, I found this an adventurous enjoyable game! Fun for everyone. There are many different stages you have to go to and figure out. The character is a mock of James Bond, James Pond. He's a fun and cute little fella. Lots of bright colors and interesting patterns throughout the game.

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