Action 1996 Windows Crystal Dynamics Platformer 3D Adventure

A fun game to spend time with

Pandemonium is a 1993 platform action game, where you choose to play as a sorceress named Nikki or as a joker named Fargus. The two characters and the puppet Sid attended a seminar for wizards. After Nikki casted a wrong powerful spell, the whole village is devastated by the pandemonium created, and now she has to revert the action. You have to complete various levels, defending yourself from villains , collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. There are less chances to beat the gameplay from the first time, because you don't know what to expect. After you die for several times, you will know how to pass the obstacles. If you collect enough coins, you will unlock bonuses. Both Fargus and Nikki have their own traits and abilities, but you will rather choose Nikki, because unlike the joker, she has the special capacity to double jump. This definitely comes before the rolling attack performed by Fargus. The graphics are beautiful, the background is clear and vivid, and the locations include countrysides, caves and clouds. The life meter is represented by a number of hearts, that can be collected if you explore thoroughly and carefully. You can jump on enemies, and you can use power ups to kill them. They include magic beams, a fireball, a freeze ray, and a shrink ray that turn the opponents into pieces. Play this fun game!

Port from Playstation game

Nice platform game ported from Sony Playstation system to PC platform with good success. It is a 3D game that allow you to move only in two dimension like the classic platform games, so, finally it's a 3D game only in the graphic. In any case jump up and down, collect the items that will give you the opportunity to pass upper levels.

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