Action 1995 Windows SEGA Platformer 3D

An alien looking bug life!

Bug! Is a pretty neat, cartoonish, children oriented sidescroller, payable enough, colorful but never too original. The story of the game is a bit creepy, as what happens is that your girl friend (the bug's girlfriend!) gets stolen, and you have to rise up to the task and go find her. And, after you go about to find her you will have quite a few hurdles to overcome. Each level has its own number of enemies, platforms, traps and other such things that will slow you down. But you're a special bug; you can jump, double jump, summersault and with a good timing and quick reflexes no challenge thrown at you is too big to overcome. But be prepared for some difficult portions of gameplay. Also, from time to time there are also puzzles to solve, but none that will take you out of the game; they are still based on the platforming/action oriented world of the game; so, it's mostly about finding your way around a trap, getting the right key ro knowing what is the right sequence of events to get a certain task completed. As I said, for kids is a beautiful game; for older retro gamers I'd say it's a bit too cartoonish. Still, it's playable and fun. Download Jazz Jackrabbit for instance too, if you're in a retro cartoonish sidescroller phase with animal life/extraordinary creatures!

Go buggy

Released in the still mostly 2D 1995, Bug! was one of the earliest 3D platform games in the business. (A bugs life) It's a 3D rendered platform/adventure game developed by Realtime Assiciates for the Sega Saturn and later for Microsoft Windows 3x and 95. In the game, you are, as the game suggests, a bug. And you want to make it big in Hollywood. And you made it! Bug has finally signed up for an action film in which his girlfriend Queen Cadavra kidnapped and you have to rescue her. You control him as he goes around the "set", collects coins and jumps on the heads of his enemies to defeat them to make his way to the end of the level or, in other words, to get to the other "set" of the movie. What differs this game from Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog and a lot of other platform games that were so popular in the 90's is the 3D view, which takes the side view and tweaks it. Bug can walk sideways, on vertical objects, and even turned down. The game is visually really advanced for its time and is really the jewel of the game. Although a typical platform game, it's cool to look at bug crushing other bugs and going around in 3D. The gameplay is also very fun and although typical, the 3D rendering make it seem as something new. And the sounds are very interesting too. I really suggest that you should go and get it, and even try out the sequel of this original game.

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