Arcade 2003 Windows Loren Blaney Item collection

Centipde like shooter; playable, fun, not too diverse

With Pedeicide you are going to get a lot of green little enemies to destroy, and a gun that keeps on shooting! And, towards the end of each level, you will get a good boss battle, that is immediately recognizable as, well, stolen from Centipede! This means that you will get the gist of the entire game in about 5 minutes. From there on, what it's all about is a game of the same, with little diversity. I mean, the green little shooting gallery people don't get more diverse, nor do they even get another color, at the very least; so, thus, Pedeicide is fun, if you just want a game that never changes. It's a nod to the 80s centipede classic, and if you've played that one and want something similar yet not quite the same, and don't really feel like looking for a smart remix within the same parameters, with Pedeicide you get a good go at this recipe. If it's going to prove a 5 minute game, afterwards uninstalled, or if you will feel like actually playing it for longer, that depends on your momentary feel. So, have a go at Pedeicide or download the immortal Centipede!

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