WormWars 2

Arcade 1999 Windows Christian Knudsen Item collection

ASCII Snake remix; playable

WormWars 2 is a Xenzia Snake remix, and, for all intents and purposes quite a well done, well realized one. It's got all that you'd expect from a game such as this, a snake that keeps on growing as you keep eating the pellets, some special pellets that afford you a lot more points and also, a faster and faster snake as you keep on playing the game. It's without a doubt a highly satisfying game; graphically there isn't a lot to look for to: you will get a black background, and your snake is made of blue-ish ASCII characters. So, overall, the game is very well done, always a pleasure to sink into, and, thus, a true masterpiece of the simple and of unadulterated playability. So, when you feel like chasing your own tail, without hitting onto it, then WormWars 2is sure a good contender for this position! Have it in your collection of ASCII timewasters, and you won't be disappointed. The snake is always hungry for some more pellets, so don't keep him waiting for too long, you need to play it right ahead!

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