Arcade 2003 Windows Danjo Software Epic Item collection

Great fanmade arcade game

It is a fan made Pac man game which has really made a serious impact and has brought this classic game into the modern era big time. The gameplay as you would expect with any Pac Man game is really addictive and provides you endless fun and indulgence all the time you play it. The task is the same and that is to eat up the pellets that are found at different levels. The additional target that Pac Man has in this one is to also collect the protected and the hidden gems. The ghosts that have been incorporated in this one have their distinct attributes which are dependent on their alignment e.g. Red ghost breathes fire because it has been aligned to the do the same. Similarly there are ghosts with other colors and they pose different threats to your hero. The developer has made the gameplay very tough and competitive and has tried to keep it simple so that the user does not get frustrated. The levels have been designed with a lot of creativity and each level has its own attributes and obstacles. The graphics are very smooth and crystal clear and the theme worlds are very unique. The game is even better than PickMan 3D which is also worth playing.

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