Blip & Blop

Arcade 2002 Windows Loaded Studio Platformer Hop and bop Item collection

Absolutely fantastic

Blip and Blob is a very "cute" and fun arcade platformer game who's main characters are balls. That's right, balls. There's Blip the blue ball, and Blop the red ball. Blip and Blop go around levels, killing bad guys that all look like evil versions of famous cartoon and game's characters. So, while you're going around and killing Smurfs, for instance, they are very non-childishly blown up in puddles of blood. That is in clear contrast with the game's general appearance - cute surroundings, cartoonish design and when you see those Smurfs, you can't help but think of the good, nice, blue people from the Cartoons.. It makes you think this is the perfect kids game. And then BAM! They're dead. Your idea is also gone with the wind. All that's left is the evil fun that ensues. The game's hard rock music that is constantly playing in the background just adds to the game's evil and murderous atmosphere. It makes you think who's the good guys here. The game is insanely fun and original. It goes right in your childhood and turns it into a bloody mess of a nightmare. I absolutely love it. If you want another cool (but less violent) platformer, go with Super Bubsy.

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