Penthouse Jigsaw

Adult 1991 Dos Dosbox Merit Software Puzzle based

Another okay game

Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I really don't like adult themed games, because most of them can't be considered as games, but mostly boring slideshows that someone just made for his amusement and decided to classify it as a game. While many developers continue to make awful and boring games, there are some that at least make an effort to bring passable adult themed games, like Strip Poker Professional. But someone has decided to make a jigsaw adult themed game and surprisingly it worked. Penthouse Jigsaw may not be the one of the best jigsaw games, it makes the adult themed one better. In the game, you have a choice of 12 pictures with nude women. Once you studied a picture, you have the option to cut the picture into jigsaw pieces. Here, you get to pick your difficulty: from a puzzle of 6 pieces all the way to a puzzle of over 200 pieces. Unless you can play the game on full screen though, you might have a little of a problem trying to solve harder puzzles. One thing that makes this game good, is that if you fit two pieces(the right one) they snap together, forming a larger piece. And that's pretty much it. Even though this is just a puzzle game with nude women, it manages to fun and challenging. So, if anybody ever happen to find this game somewhere, go ahead and give this game a try.

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