X Rock

Adult 1990 Dos Dosbox Soft-World Puzzle based Arcade style

Softcore Tetris

You would have thought that games developers would have exhausted all possible variations on the Tetris formula, with the likes of outright copies such Ultris standing alongside spins such as 3D Pitfall and Wordtris. However, in 1990 someone came up with the enterprising idea of making a slightly adult take on the classic puzzler and thus was X Rock born. The basic idea of colour matching falling blocks remains the same as ever, only here the blocks typically fall in crosses or Xs or varying colours. When you match blocks with others of the same colour, they disappear, racking you up some points and allowing the game to proceed with a gradual increase in speed. Any non-matched blocks simply fall until they hit another, remaining in play until matched. If the blocks ever hit the top of the screen, it's game over, with the whole affair being little more than an exercise in high score chasing. However, the twist here is that upon completion of a level you are rewarded with a supposedly alluring picture of a real life glamour model doing her best to look sexy. It's a pretty lame excuse for a game, much like Centerfold Squares or Ladylove and if anything it detracts from the appeal of the puzzling fun. The gameplay itself is quite compelling, in the way that Tetris usually is, especially if you're in the right mood, and thanks to the simple controls and soothing visuals and sound, it remains as hypnotic as ever. The inclusion of the saucy pictures does act as a sort of incentive if you're really desperate but it's not really needed and is likely only to put many gamers off. If you can get past this though, there's a decent puzzler that is lacking in originality but not playability.

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