Adult 1990 Dos TPR Puzzle based Arcade style

Ladylove: your ladybits are kinda boring!

Ladylove is a cheeky little DOS game of the 90's in which, well, you're going to have to uncover some nude women. I mentioned the DOS part because you're going to have to manage your expectations here: the drawing are quite awful, the color palette is limited to 256 colors and the curves are so jittery that, well you're going to be reminded of the 1990s.The company who designed the game, TPR was quite versed in adult games so Ladylove won't throw you into any innovative gameplay mechanics or any other mysterious mechanics. What you have to do is clear the images of these ladies by cutting into the black portions. The more you uncover in one go, the more points you score.But you won't be alone, no, you will have to make sure you dodge a spider and a fly which will increase the challenge of the game.So, quite frankly, are the girls (cute Asians!) enough to motivate you? Maybe so, if you like this spider crawl type of game. And, also, you might have the incentive to beat your own scores, but after the few pictures have been uncovered there isn't really much to look forward to.

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