La Colmena

Adult 1992 Dos Opera Soft Puzzle based Arcade style

Collection of casino games and nude ladies

La Colmena is a Spanish game, a combination of arcade like/adventure elements that make the backdrop for a good amount of minigames. Casino games are the ones that abound; roulette, black jack, some other cad games and a few slots games. The underlying sexually explicit theme is contained in a number of cartoony sexually explicit static images, that depict nudity and various, more or less nude scenes. Thus, the game fails to be too promiscuous, though it tries, but the drawings are more or less of pastiche of the genre. So, if you were looking for a titillating collection of games, you are not going to find it here. This is just a kitsch collection of arcade feeling casino games, with crude, cartoonish sexually explicit depictions to keep you playing. Play it if you enjoy a rather snide take on the nude and lewd ladies promoting casino games, but do not expect a revelation. This collection of games does not produce no extraordinary results. Instead it just wanted to capitalize ont eh genre, but, rather, failed short at it.

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