Adult 1992 Dos Dosbox The Dream Team Puzzle based Arcade style

Tetris plus scantily clad ladies

If you can't guess where this little game got its inspiration from, then you're really not trying very hard. As you might expect, it's another one of those puzzle clones which popped up in the wake of the original Tetris's massive world wide success, only this time, there's a bit of an added treat. It's not quite as explicit as the similarly unsubtle Porntris, and this one only offers mild titillation for the relationship starved. In pretty much every respect, this is exactly the same as the original game, but just in case you have been hiding under a rock, here's a quick rundown on what's required of the player. It's your job to manipulate a series of falling blocks so that they form solid lines, which then disappear, earning you points. The blocks come in various shapes, so the trick is making them match up without leaving too many awkward bits sticking out, while the speed of the game increases as you progress. The one new addition here is the way that as you make lines and level up, you're rewarded with pictures of scantily clad ladies, which in theory could inspire you to work even harder, or it could distract you so much that you fluff up your game. As far as Tetris clones go, this is neither better nor worse than the myriad other options out there. The basic gameplay remains identical, without any new elements, which is a shame, as the opportunity could have been used to bring in something different. Instead, the developers relied on the ladies to sell their game for them, but unfortunately, they're looking a bit raged now so unless you're desperate for some pixelated soft porn, skip this.

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