Puzzle Tetris variant

Standard Tetris clone

Following the global megasuccess of the classic block busting puzzler Tetris, staggering amounts of clones popped up, most offering little in the way of innovation or originality (Ultris anyone?) but occasionally, developers did at least try to do something a little different to make it appear they had a modicum of creativity. In Pentix's case, it's not a huge change of the standard formula, making this less than a must play unless you are a Tetris variant collector and as with most clones, it's hard to recommend this over the ground breaking original. For those unfamiliar with the game, players are required to manipulate a series of falling blocks and arrange them into unbroken lines in order to cause them to disappear, racking up the points as you go, with higher scores awarded the more lines you create. It might not sound overly compelling on paper but it is undeniably hypnotic and addictive in reality. In Pentix's case, the twist is that it adds in a new set of pieces over Tetris's much copied set, with the new designs, some smaller, some larger, adding in some new tactical elements and challenge. It's a small addition but a welcome one and although it doesn't change the overall flavour of the game, it does at least make it stand out a little. Graphics are as functional as ever, merely consisting of falling blocks and nothing else but the gameplay is the real draw here and it remains are compelling as ever. If you have mastered Tetris and are desperate for more, this is worth checking out but the original still remains the classic.

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