Perfect General 1, The

Strategy 1991 Dos Dosbox Quantum Quality Productions War Top down

Interesting and diverse action

It is a turn based top down strategic game which is known for its diversity and very good gameplay. It involves combat on various missions and has a very good variety of tactical elements that you will find in diferent scenarios. Every scenario in the game has varied difficulty level and this gives it a lot of replay value. The game has in inbuilt database where the player history is recorded and the A1 is really good which makes all the missions really competitive. The phased action is excellent and is supported by some really good graphics but they are even better with its sequel Perfect General 2. Every mission or scenario in the game involves sub missions or games which makes it quite interesting and detailed. The designing of the graphics or the scenarios shows the creativity of the designer and it is a perfect setting for strategic war action. The game is also good in terms of the user interface because it is very simple and well-designed which makes it really interactive for the user. You can find all these brilliant features in this entire series and is a great one to have in your collection of action based strategic games.

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