Star General

Strategy 1996 Dos SSI Galactic War Turn based War

Star General is a strong space strategy

Strategy games set in space are not quite rare, but few take the approach that Star General takes in terms of complexity and time investment required. The top down strategy from SSI is however one of the few games of its kind, where the actual meat of the game is space strategy, coupled with elements of planetary conquest. Before you even consider giving this game a try ask yourself if you're willing to invest days upon days in learning the game's possibilities and the options that it makes available. This is a game that becomes exponentially harder to manage, because as you expand more and more units and stats will have to be considered. However, if you have what it takes and modern space strategies don't interest you, you will truly find an extraordinary companion in Star General. The game is in a sense even more fun to play today than it was in its time. This is because large scale battles required a whole lot of computational power to run properly, and today turns which could have taken hours to calculate can be processed nearly instantly. So if you're not put down by graphics that are not top-notch, you will find that this game provides a really good challenge and a really intricate, chess like experience, only more complicated and brain braiding.

I liked the game a lot

Having played Panzer General and Fantasy General, the game I miss from my collection 14 years later is Star General. While some of the ships were hard to tell apart, the ability to have such variaty of ships not only between races, but also within a given race, made this a game I was able to play time and again. One problem it had was running out of memory on the largest random maps when the conflict progressed. This lead to turns requiring an hour or more to process on the computers of that time (My 450 MHz system was considered fast back then).

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