Battle Isle 2 Scenery CD - Titan's Legacy

Strategy 1994 Dos Blue Byte War Top down Building

The best game in the series

Released in 1994, Scenery is considered the best of the Battle Isle real-time tactics series of games. The great graphics, nice setting, fantastic AI and a huge amount of various units to play it easily justify this opinion. Battle Isle 2 has all the fine babies - you have your infantry, tanks, helicopters, submarines and much more - a true army of the large scale, fit for world domination! Unfrotunately, your enemies are equally equipped. The only way to win is to use your wits and think of the best way to destroy them all and become the only major force standing. One of the things that created most interest is the realism of the game and the various factors that are beneficial for the battle's outcome, including the weather! The rest of the game is very intense, action packed and fun - just what a good game needs to be! Graphically, Battle Isle 2 is much advanced in comparison from its prequel. The images are a lot clearer and the player now has the entire screen for itself, which really helps during gameplay. Fans of the franchise would do well to get themselves a copy and first timers will consider this the best game for a first try in the series.

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