Pacific General

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The Panzer general of the water world!

Released by SSI, world famous for the Panzer General series, Pacific General is a great strategy/wargame combo, built around the water bound units of the World War. Although the setting is different, and some of the specifics clearly are influenced by the water environments, Pacific General still plays rather like a terrestrial strategy in many ways; the game plays in turns, it plays on a hexagonal grid; you have to move your boats, water bound plane carriers the best way you find fit for your purposes and furthermore, you have to make sure that the attacks and the retreats are played at the right moments. It's chess on water, with an economic portion linked to it and with an experience based portion that is all about taking units and making them stronger, better fit for new confrontations. Graphically, it's a very well polished 2D game, with a high resolution and really well put menus, with an art direction that is inspired by the dashboards and the instrument boards of ships and plane carriers. So, overall, Pacific General is definitely a great contender for those that would love to experience the thrill of advanced strategy wargaming on the open sea, and mostly, for those that have already cut their teeth on the Panzer General series.

Recreate World War 2 on the Pacific

Using the same game engine as the great strategy game Panzer General, Pacific General is an outstandingly detailed turn based wargame depicting the events of the World War II on the Pacific front. It concentrates on naval warfare with equal attention as it does on that managed on land. The game adds a lot of new features to the Panzer General engine, such as a full naval combat system, ability of the ships to endure critical hits, and the options for submarines to launch stealth attacks underwater. The game is extremely detailed, down to a single soldier. You can take either side in the campaign that cover a lot of then battles, from the invasion of China to the Pearl Harbor events and much more, all of them carried out pretty accurate, historically. There are also a lot of "what if" battles that can trigger your imagination and creativity. The gaming experience is challenging, fun and interesting. The graphics are very nice, detailed and clear, followed by realistic and high quality sound effects. If you like wargames, especially WWII based ones, give the game a shot. You won't be sorry, download SSI's Pacific General.

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