Dig Dogs: Streetbusters

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox BC Verlags und Medien Education Cartoon

Flawed edutainment game about cars and traffic rules

There really isn't any reason for anyone these days, apart from someone who remembers this game from back in the day and wants to revisit it, to give it a go. For once, the game is in German, so unless you learn the language the portion of the game which is intended to teach you the names of car parts won't help you out. The other major part of the game, driving while taking care to respect the traffic rules is not really that good. Yes, you can learn that a car needs to stop at a red light and that you need to allow priority for other vehicles to pass at an intersection, but, really, the game doesn't convey these rules too convincingly. When you break a traffic rule a red light will light up on the game dashboard, but that's pretty much all the input you get. Also, the types of road situations you can find yourself in while driving aren't all that well simulated and the graphics are at times extremely buggy. You will find your car engulfed under the road texture, or you will find that you can't really keep a constant speed. There are other, much better games that teach you how to drive, more serious simulations that are much better produced. So it makes no sense to go for this game, as it is really badly designed and with lots of bugs.

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