The Wild Science Arcade

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Binary Zoo Education Cartoon

Arcade game with puzzles teaching phisics concepts

The best way to describe The Wild Science Arcade is to think of a regular arcade game sprinkled with action sequences that are very arcade like but which are used to demonstrate physics laws and principles. However, rather than being a collection of games, this game's premise sees all the different questions and the action sequences bundled tighter under a quiz show, or rather, a physics class umbrella. The main action sequence is that of taking a ball from point A to point B securely, while avoiding the traps and the enemies. Much like the classic Marble Madness this game allows you to control the ball directly, so you won't use a paddle or any other instrument. At times, during each level you will have to make use of different gadgets, magnets, plane switches, different gravity pulls and so on. And thus, the game manages to offer a very interesting take on teaching simple physics concepts by allowing you to play with them directly. So, while the game is a pure arcade creation, it thus manages to fuse edutainment in a very simplified manner, that won't take you out of the action.

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