Petka 3: The Return of Alaska

Adventure 2001 Windows Buka Entertainment Third Person Puzzle based

Who stole Alaska?

The Petka series is a set of point-and-click adventures, like Monkey Island or Broken Sword, but which is entirely in Russian so unless you understand the language perfectly, you might want to steer clear of this. If you do give it a whirl though, you'll find a truly bonkers experience that mixes folklore and very surreal humor to mostly decent effect. This one finds series hero, Vasilij, a hero of the Russian civil war, and his assistant, dealing with the fallout from their previous adventure. They now find themselves having moved an entire village to modern day America, with characters from the earlier stories now working for the FBI and as a priest, and they're now going to have to save the world again. Their quest will see them facing mobsters and Saddam Hussein, while travelling the world to Central America and even Alaska. The gameplay is standard point-and-click stuff where you explore a series of hand drawn environments, talking with the numerous characters and solving mostly inventory-based puzzles. For anyone with a good grasp of Russian, this should be an entertaining time. The humor is genuinely off-the-wall and a lot of fun comes from just sitting back and seeing where the ride takes you next, and it really is quite unpredictable. The story and characters are madness incarnate but very memorable, while the puzzles are mostly interesting, challenging and quite satisfying to solve. When you throw in the simple controls and slick interface you have a solid game that any Russian speaking adventure fan should enjoy.

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