Worldspiral: Liath

Adventure 1998 Windows Amber Company Third Person Puzzle based

3rd person adventure game, dark and twisted

I'm not that proficient in French, but I can handle myself more or less, and so I had the guts to take a deeper look at this game. From the first moment the atmosphere got to me, and, in truth, I can say that this is a really engaging game based solely on that. You play as a certain Criss, a young man who's dabbling in magic and who's invited to this great magician to study with him. But, evidently, things don't go that smoothly and there are lots of issues and puzzles to get inside. Graphically the game is superb, and I can't wait to actually source an English version of it, to make more of the story, but based solely on a more superficial analysis I can say that it's sure looks like an epic point and clicker. It's set in a sort of medieval realm, don't know if quite as intricate and interwoven with folklore and stories as The Mist series, but surely visually enticing. Try and find an English version and go play it, it looks and feels like a fantastic journey altogheter.So what else are you waiting for? Go play!

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