Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires

Strategy 1996 Windows Sierra Historical Empire management

Beautiful portrayal of cultures

Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires is a 1996 strategy game released by Sierra On-Line, that became Sierra Entertainment, a respected company for its true graphical adventure games. This game is based on Sid Meier's Civilization, and consists in building an empire. Before starting creating your empire, have to choose between Greek, Egyptian, Indian, Mesopotamian, Chinese, or Celtic cultures. Whatever culture you will choose, Rise and Rule of Ancient Empires will make you feel as you are part of it. Some elements that will represent perfectly the culture selected is the music, specific design, environments or architecture. Your building progress is sprinkled with exploration, building armies, upgrading, destroying your opponents empires and conquering military units (infantry, cavalry, missiles and galleys), merchants, inhabitants, and so forth. The map you are given will help you organize better, in order to last for a long time. A proper advance will reward you with unlocks of various types, including characters that are responsible with trading information between empires or lands, with cultivations, and other aid. The graphics are pleasant to watch, the sound effects are good, and about he overall quality, I will give this game a 4 out of 5.

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