Phobia 2

Arcade 1998 Windows WAH Software Shooter Single screen

Top down survival shooter

Shadowgrounds and Zombie Shooter may be the more current entrants in the top down shooter genre, but they definitely didn't invent the genre. True, Phobia was no pioneer either but it did push the genre just enough to merit being played, but Phobia 2 did push it quite a bit more. Sure, it is still a 2D top down deal, and by the time it was released gaming was fully immersed into 3D worlds. But, that's no issue, here, as the game manages to push more enemies towards you, it also manages to create a very satisfying and diverse host of scenarios and, as a plus, it brings hordes of aliens and mechanoid creatures towards you rather then zombies. The game is at its best when you're so thoroughly outnumbered that your only mission is blind and furious survival, which, almost unexpectedly is very compelling and energizing, pure arcade fun, which sure makes this game a keeper! So, if you're looking to find a low maintenance, low specs shooter, this can be it without issues. It's diverse, furious at times and well developed. Give it a try!

Shoot them up

Phobia 2 is a great shooting game. It has excellent graphics and sound quality. Those who love the classic resident evil game will also love this game. The aliens will attack you and you have to survive from aliens by killing them. In Phobia 2 you will play as a space marine. There are a lot of levels so you will enjoy it. There are lots of points for you. Kill as many as you can and achieve bonus points. Also you will gain health. It is a multiplayer game. So you can enjoy it with your friends and family. It's an action packed game with full of entertainment. The game has easy weapon option. Load and shoot the aliens. There are a lot of options in this game. You can pick any of the weapons you can. Collect the weapons from different stages and use it to kill the aliens. Moreover you will have a lot of options to power your level up. There are plenty of rewards while playing this game. Overall it is a simple but high quality game. Try it. You will enjoy the game as much as I enjoyed. Survive from the aliens.

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