Pickle Wars

Action 1994 Dos MVP Software Platformer

A platformer/shooter surely worth a go

That name, man, that name is killer! Pickle wars! Hehe! Well, while I expected some weird fighter featuring pickled cucumbers, what I got was an actually fun platformer, that features a few cucumber warriors, here and there, but in all actuality it is kind of your ten a dozen Duke Nukem style left to right platformer. But it surely is well enough done, having a style that was big during the heydays of shareware games. In sure has most of the problems of these games as well, namely the same propensity towards reusing the same tiles over and over again, a protagonist that moves well enough but kind of suffers from rheumatism (as in, the animation is pretty sparse, the frames of animation are rather blocky!) and there isn't an avalanche of originality in the overall design of the levels. But the most important thing, actually creating a sufficiently well polished adventure is there, and it won't let you down. So, if you love chase the key and the exit type sidescroller, do try it, it won't disappoint. Just as fun as Rick Dangerous 2, but much faster.

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