Arcade 1996 Dos Dosbox D-Designs Vertical shooter

Tons and tons of fun

Piranha is a very cool Asteroids clone, with amazing graphics, high speed and tons and tons of fun. Over 100 levels, you have hours of flying around, shooting at enemies of all sorts, and picking up all kinds of weapons and upgrades. You can shoot at asteroids, ice blocks, enemy ships and all kinds of other nemesis. The gameplay is extremely fun and very addictive. You will probably get glued to the computer for hours on end, since the game is insanely long. The graphics are great with very clear images and the animation of the highest quality. The explosion effects are very realistic and the music is outstandingly good, really adding to the atmosphere. Asteroids were a fabulous game, but this game has all that the original has with aditional graphical and audio equipment that make it a great way of introducing old games in a new and better light. Highly recommended for all arcade game fans!

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