Arcade 1996 Dos AlphaHelix Vertical shooter

Like Tyrian, but darker!

Ravage is a vertical shooter, much in the style of Tyrian, however, while that one was styled with a lot of colors, and quite a bit of sunshine, if you will, this one is a much more dark version of that style. It's got a lot of enemies, also a lot of bosses, and, if you manage to stay alive for long (a hard task, considering the number of enemies, the fire they shoot and the amount of attention you are asked for, to keep surviving) you can amass a lot of weaponry and a lot of other defensive mechanisms, to offer you aid in battle. Though possible, without a lot of playing, you'll be replaying the levels again and again, as this is quite a hard game! It's great however, because you'll learn how to best your opponents, learning new techniques and new ideas on the way. It's hard, but not unforgiving. The bosses are also pretty great, mostly because they have intricate (the later ones at least) behaviors, so you're always on the edge when fighting them. So, download it, it's a great mid 90s vertical shooter, and a very addictive one.

A great space shooter

Ravage is a fantastic sci fi vertical shooter game with tons of explosions, waves of enemy ships and a quick and dynamic gameplay. I just loved it. You control a simple ship and fly in the air over various terrains while destroying lots and lots little space tanks, buildings, ships, larger spaceship and then enormous mortherships which are all trying to shoot back at you, so you have to be quick and agile. You should definitely use the co-op option where you and your friend can play together on the same screen in a combined strength of forces. The explosions look and sound great and the game provides sufficient challenge for all players. There are nine levels full of action, explosions, mad flying, dodging, squirming and overall, huge enjoyment. While the game looks and plays like a typical vertical shooter, it is in my opinion the most fun of them all and my personal favorite. If you are interested in other vertical shooter games, give Raptor a try, it's also a very fun and exciting game.

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