Pirates 2

Strategy 2000 Dos Dosbox Marcel Strbak Historical

Strategy and arcade minigames reboot

This game offers you a better, more detailed experience of the original. It was released much later than Pirates, as an individual effort from one of the original developers. Thus Pirates 2 sports almost no bugs, better graphics, a much more intricate and engaging set of minigames (though still the originals, just diversified) and an overall, more cursive and more playable game for an audience unfamiliar with the kind of troubles that the older game brought with it. So, in a nutshell, Pirates 2 is a remade version of Pirates that improves every aspect of the game. So, the same original tactical nautical exploration makes the meat of the game, with the same minigames that are ways to explore different kind of interactions that a pirate might have. Thus, there are fencing minigames, boarding another ship minigames, an economic system, a dating minigame and more. So, if you like the premise, you will find the game very interesting and a very fun experience. Give it a try if collections of minigames are to your taste, as Pirates 2 is a very well stringed collection of such games, with a very cool premise to hold them all together.

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