Close Combat 3: The Russian Front

Strategy 1999 Windows Microsoft Historical Top down Real time

Every aspect emanates veracity

Close Combat III: The Russian Front is a real-time strategy game, released in 1999 by Microsoft Corporation. The action takes place in 1941, in the time when Operation Barbarossa was launched and the Soviet Union was invaded by the Third Reich. It is now your choice on which side you play, on the Eastern Front. The background is realistic and contains pretty much anything that is mandatory on a battlefield during war: flame tanks, snipers, bunkers, city fighting, mine fields. The action is sprinkled with winter/summer combats and with different weather conditions. You are in the platoon commander's shoes, and the veracity stays in the fact you can approach those that are under your rank. So, the idea of the producers is very inspired, especially because you will actually get a closer look to the interest points, without seeing them as insignificant entities that are hard to perceive in the graphics. Speaking of the personal units, you will also find out important information about them, more exactly about their qualifications and other skills. All in all, this game looks pretty good. One complain, though: there should have been airplanes for an extra realism and for more captivating battles. As for the rest, Close Combat III: The Russian Front is a meticulously created game that deserves played mostly for the authentic war experience you will live!

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